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Current Rates: Effective June 1, 2021

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Your CEMC bill has a new look

CEMC has adopted a new billing format in an effort to better serve the membership. The design incorporates new, more detailed information, such as average daily use, and presents existing bill details in a more streamlined manner.It is our goal to provide our members with the most helpful information possible, in the best format possible. View new bill formatView previous bill format

Residential Bill Calculator

Calculator for estimate only. Additional monthly cost charges such as security lights or recurring contributions to Project Help are not included in this calculation. Usage will vary based on temperatures and home heating / cooling requirements. The calculator includes a monthly base charge of $33.00. Move the slider below to calculate your bill based on kilowatt usage then let go of your mouse to see your estimated cost.
+ What are Seasonal Energy Rates?
Rates have seasonal energy components —that is, metered kilowatt-hours will have a different cost associated with summer, winter and transition (spring-fall) months.

More information on seasonal rates: The Price of Power
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