Electrical Permits

Electrical permits can be purchased at the following locations. Please refer to the issuing agent below concerning the cost of obtaining an electrical permit.

The permit must be purchased in the county where the property is located and the work is being done.

Montgomery County has three locations:
All Tech Insulation, 251 Warfield Blvd Suite B, 931-552-0200
Border States Electric (Formally Harris Electric), 1891 Wilma Rudolph Blvd. 931-552-6580
City Electric Supply Clarksville, 2068 Wilma Rudolph Blvd. Clarksville, TN 37040

Robertson County has two locations:
Cell Phone Repair, 3416 Tom Austin Hwy. 615-384-7520
Walker Hardware, 3573 Tom Austin Hwy

Sumner County locations:
Portland District: Portland City Hall-Codes-100 S Russell St (615-325-6776)
Gallatin District: Hendersonville City Hall-Codes-101 Maple Drive North (615-822-1000)
White House City Hall, 105 College St. 615-672-5350

Cheatham County
Ashland City, City Hall (615-792-4211)

Stewart County

Brigham Hardware in Dover, 213 Donelson Parkway (931-232-5376)

Electrical Inspectors: The State of Tennessee’s Department of Commerce and Insurance, Division of Fire Prevention, Electrical Section, performs electrical inspections in our service areas.

County or Area Inspector Work Days Takes Calls for Inspections Phone
Cheatham County Jason Scott Tues, Thurs 7AM-8:30AM 931-320-0949
Montgomery County Terry Jennette Mon - Fri 7AM-8:00AM 931-624-6585 or 931-362-3259
Robertson County & Millersville Mike Taylor Mon, Wed, Fri 7AM-8:30AM 877-884-6656
Stewart County Jason Scott Wed, Fri 7AM-9AM 931-320-0949
Sumner County Hendersonville Troy Kemp Mon - Thurs 9AM-1PM 615-822-4440
White House & Sumner County Steve Barnes Mon-Wed-Fri 8AM-9AM 615 594-1010
Portland & White House Steve Barnes Mon-Wed-Fri 7:30AM-8:30AM 615-594-1010
Portland & Cottontown Mike Taylor Mon-Fri 7AM-8:30AM 877-884-6656
Gallatin & Castalian Springs Steve Barnes Mon-Fri 8AM-9AM 615 594-1010

Who May Purchase an Electrical Permit?

Any individual or company that…

1) Presents proof of current licensure (LLE, CE, E with B) by the Board for Licensing Contractors; or
2) Is a homeowner that resides at the location identified on the electrical permit and will be performing his or her own electrical installation; or
3) Is a person(s) licensed in accordance with local jurisdiction rules; or
4) Is a person(s) wishing to establish a temporary electrical service only;
5) Pays the appropriate fees listed on the permit

Information Needed at the Time of Purchase: (Service sizes from 0 – 1,000 amperes)

1) Structure Type
a) Single Family
b) Multi Family
c) Industrial/Commercial
d) Mobile Home
e) Other

2) Permit Type
a) Final
b) Rough-In
c) Temporary

e) Service Release
f) Re-Inspect

3) Customer Information
a) Name
b) 911 address and/or Subdivision name with Lot number
c) Contact phone number

4) Contractor Information
a) Name

b) Contact phone number
c) Contractor Registration number (license number)

5) Service Size
a) 0 – 30 amperes
b) 31 – 60 amperes
c) 61 – 200 amperes
d) 201 – 400 amperes
e) 401 – 600 amperes
f) 601 – 1,000 amperes

Note for Property Owner’s Electrical Permit

Property owners may perform electrical work (for which an inspection is required) upon his/her own residence, provided that he/she first applies for and obtains a property owner’s electrical permit. This type of permit can be utilized for any electrical installation performed on the property owner’s land. This includes barns, garages, outbuildings, exterior lighting, pools, play houses and other similar installations. * Rental property is excluded and requires a licensed electrician to obtain a permit.

Non-Standard Electrical Fee Form: (Service Sizes in excess of 1,000 amperes)

Both the electrical contractor and the deputy electrical inspector will agree on the number of inspections to be performed and both will sign the nonstandard electrical inspection fee form. The electrical permit fee is negotiable with the deputy electrical inspector and must be collected at the time of execution of these forms. Please refer to the table, which lists the electrical inspectors with their respective inspection territories and contact phone numbers.