Here's what you need to get started with CEMC

Items you will need:
(Applicants may apply for service in person or over the phone)

1 photo ID (or 2 forms of non-photo ID)
 Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID, Visa, Social Security Card, etc.
 When establishing service by phone, your Social Sec. Number may be used to verify ID

Right to Occupy documentation
 Lease/Rental Agreement, HUD Settlement Papers, Signed Purchase Contract, Deed (Property ownership verification may be available via TN Property Data website)

Membership Fee
 If you are not currently a member with CEMC, a $10 membership fee will be required in order to join the electric co-op.

Service Charge – Meter Set Fee

 A one-time $35 meter set fee is required on all connecting accounts. This is a non-refundable fee collected in advance of the service being setup.

Security Deposit
 A security deposit of twice the average bill for a location (or $250 for new structures) is required. New applicants for service may elect to have a credit check run to determine eligibility for a deposit waiver.

Date to Begin Service

 CEMC guarantees next day service for no additional cost.

* Services that have been inactive for at least 12 months will require proof of an electrical safety inspection prior to being reconnected.