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By applying for electric service and by the payment of a membership fee, you are now a member/owner of the cooperative. You join more than 90,000 members who share in the CEMC ownership in our five-county area. How to Establish New Service

Energy Efficiency Programs

Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation can help you keep your home safe and comfortable. We are available to give you tips on energy efficiency and safety, so that you can be sure you're getting the most from the energy you use. The Energy Right Program from CEMC and TVA is designed to help you save money and gain efficiency in your home energy usage. Here’s how we can help:


eScore Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation and TVA are excited to offer homeowners a simple way to make existing homes as energy-efficient as possible.  Learn your homes eScore,  get expert advice, install efficiency upgrades and receive rebates and financing for the work you’ve had done.  Learn more and register at

In cooperation with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), low-interest loans are available to consumers who qualify. eScore Information | EnergyRight Solutions Loan Program Application


EnergyRight New Homes Program

Are you planning to build your next home? Now is your best opportunity to make energy efficiency investments that will pay off for a lifetime. In the southeast United States, electric rates are typically lower and more consistent than those of fossil fuels, such as propane and natural gas. Electric appliances, such as water heaters and heat pumps are also typically more efficient than combustion systems and do not produce carbon monoxide, a dangerous byproduct of gas fueled appliances. More Information

Green Power

CEMC, in cooperation with TVA, offers and administers Renewable Energy Programs for its members. The "green" refers to renewability. It is power generated by renewable resources like wind, solar, biomass, or low-impact hydro. Whether you are interested in installing renewable generation at your home or simply contributing to renewable energy, there is a program for you.  For more information, please visit or contact the CEMC Member Services Department at 800-987-2362.

Dare To Compare: Operating cost comparisons for different types of heating and cooling systems are available upon request.

Levelized Payment Program: Levelized bills are calculated as the average of the current and previous eleven (11) month’s energy usage (kWh) multiplied by the current CEMC residential rate plus the current TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment amount. Any applicable additional charges will be added to this averaged amount to calculate the total amount due. To enroll in the program, member must own the home and have had continuous service at the home for at least twelve (12) months with no returned checks and/or not more than one (1) late payment.

Medical Hardship:
Members wishing to apply for medical hardship status will be provided an application to be completed by a doctor. Type 1 is the use of non-portable life-sustaining electrical equipment. Type 2 is hospice or other in-home care due to a terminal illness. The doctor is required to document which type applies and sign the application, which must be returned to CEMC by the close of business on the third day after it was issued. Each type carries a suspension of disconnection upon approval.

Project Help: This is a voluntary program for consumers to contribute a dollar or more each month to help the needy with their energy bills.

Security Lights: The installation and maintenance of various types of security lighting is available for a monthly rental fee.

The Tennessee Magazine: This consumer publication is distributed monthly by the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association to more than one million Tennessee families and businesses. Inside the magazine there is a five-page "CEMC News" section that is written specifically for our members. Online Edition of the Tennessee Magazine